Market Place Rules.

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The following rules apply to this forum.

  • This forum is to be used in-character, no Out of Character threads are allowed.
  • No Metagaming.
  • No selling of in-game items, currency or anything that falls under those categories for goods that are outside of this community. (This is a server rule and will result in a ban.)
  • Law Enforcement agencies are allowed to collect information here to build a case file and issue arrest warrants on players. Be careful what you post and how you word it.
  • Illegal organizations are allowed to recruit players in their factions but remember doing so makes you an easy target for the police.
  • Recruitment must be done in a masked way: Do not put threads such as "Bloods looking for gangsters". You can post threads such as "Walking down Mirror Park" and post a picture of a graffiti or tag done in the neighborhood and stick to your gang theme as you wouldn't see the mafia doing graffiti work.
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