Recruitment format.

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Los Santos Police Department
Application of employment

1) Surname:
1.1 ) Forename:
1.2 ) Gender:
1.3 ) Age:
1.4 ) Phone Number:

1.5) Date and City of Birth:
1.6) Education record: (Name of High School attendance, College attendance)
1.7) Are you currently in employment?: <Yes/No>
1.7.1 ) If yes, what is your current occupation?:
1.7.1) Do you coscend to a background check?
1.8 ) Gender (OOC):
1.9 ) In-game level (OOC):
1.10) Age (OOC):
1.11 ) Geographical location (OOC): <Timezone + Location>

1.12 ) Past Character Names + Levels [ALL past characters including name changes] (OOC):
1.12a ) Are you in an official OR unofficial faction with another account? If in official, post a link to your double factions approval; if not in official what faction(s) are you apart of (OOC):
1.12b ) Past roleplay experience on LS-RP (OOC): (Name of account that was associated to the mentioned roleplay)
1.13 ) Screenshot of your Admin Record(s) [For ALL past accounts] (OOC):

Curriculum Vitae Minimum 50 maximum 250 words:
Why do you wish to be enlisted as a Police Officer (IC):

Tell us about yourself and why you want to be a Police Officer (OOC): Minimum 50 maximum 250 words

If you have any references from a current Officer in the LSPD, insert them here.

Officer's name;
Current rank;

Additional information / Questions / Concerns
You're free to ask any question concerning the LSPD, this will not affect your application we rather have you ask, then make mistakes:
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